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Honest Cooking and Fiji water asked me to participate in this great series My Hometown Guide.  Show them your favorite spots to eat, stay and play in your hometown and win a getaway to any of the US cities featured in Earth’s Finest City Guide! To participate, just upload an image of your favorite spot in your hometown to Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #myhometownguide and tell us where you live and what makes the image special and you will be entered to win automatically.Well worth a trip to your favorite restaurant.  Who am I kidding, you're probably already there.  This is, of course, a sponsored post, but I jumped at the chance to shed a little light on the amazing food in Boulder.

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The Kitchen Nextdoor: This place is so much more than farm to table (which if you ask me is getting a little played out).  The Kitchen Nextdoor is a revolution.  From the honey Sriracha chicken wings, to the vegetarian meatloaf, anyone can find something amazing here.  In 2015, the KND is opening their first out-of-state restaurant in Chicago, IL.  Honey Sriracha wings for all!
What to try: Potato smashers with the honey Sriracha sauce.

Kitchen Nextdoor

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Fresh Thymes Eatery: When I asked Christine Ruch, the creator of this magic place, why she thought her restaurant was the embodiment of Boulder, she said that people shouldn't have to sacrifice their food beliefs to get a fast meal.  Her menu includes delicious options for gluten free folks, lactose intolerant peeps, and you can feel good about all of the ingredients that go into her dishes.
What to try: Chickpea flatbread or the magic bar.

Fresh Thymes Eatery

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Beehive: When you walk into Beehive, you know you're in for something out of the ordinary.  The flawless decor and friendly staff almost prepare you for the food you're about to eat.  You'll start with warm, housemade Gourgeres, and move on to the Maine pan seared day boat scallops that will seriously melt in your mouth.  All the while, you can choose from their amazingly curated wine and beer list.  It's a win, for sure.
What to try: Cast iron skillet quail with the Royal Flush cocktail.


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Salt Bistro: You just can't go wrong at Salt.  It is consistently great and most things on the menu will blow your freakin' mind.  What are the best two things in the world?  Correct, cheese plates and pasta.  Well guess what?  Salt has an amazing cheese selection and they make their pasta in house (which if you're wondering does make a difference).  
What to try: Wild Boar potato gnocchi with braised brussels sprouts.

Salt Bistro

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Pizzeria Locale: You may not get a pizza cutter here but you'll be so busy stuffing your face hole to notice.  These pizzas can only be described with one word: Crazemazing.  The menu is split between white and red sauce pizzas, but it really doesn't matter which pizza you pick.  It will meet the aforementioned standard of crazemazing.
What to try: Funghi mozzarella pizza or literally anything else.

Pizzeria Locale

So come visit Boulder, or give your favorite home town spot a little love and you might win an awesome getaway!


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  1. Lizzy! I just came across your blog for the first time in a few years and I love it! It is so you. And I also LOVE that you are living in Boulder. I would love to talk to you! Please email me when you get a chance! saramichelle7@gmail.com.


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